Friday, March 15, 2019

Coconut Cove

Lincoln was invited to Coconut Cove last Saturday to play with my coworker's daughter Grace.
It was Grace's birthday, and this is what they were doing in lieu of a party.

We had never been to Coconut Cove before, so it was all new for us.
The place was a big indoor playground, so of course Lincoln loved it.

Lincoln was absolutely obsessed with these cannons that you could use to fire balls at targets.
He was constantly gathering up as many balls as he could carry at the bottom and carrying them up the ramps to the guns.  He did this so many times I lost count!

After a little while Gracie talked him into exploring some other things with her.
Like this big bubble thing at the front.

The kids played for almost 2 hours straight.

As you can tell from the pictures they looked pretty exhausted when we finally got them out of there.

Then it was time to give Gracie her present.

We gave Gracie earrings because she was supposed to get her ears pierced the night before.
Unfortunately, she chickened out and it didn't happen.  Oh well.  She can save the earrings for when she is ready!

Cute friends!

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Girls Night with the Jazz

After our afternoon with Grandpa Ferg, I turned around and headed back to SLC to go to the Jazz Game.

I invited Jessi to go with me this time.
Girls Night!

We usually have a good time together at the games!

The Jazz were playing the Bucks.

During halftime they had some Utah Jazz alumni signing balls on the court and throwing them into the crowd.  I just had to click a picture of Mehmet Okur.  One of my all time favorite Jazz players!

It was an extremely exciting game and the Jazz pulled out the win!!  Jessi just had to also mention the the Jazz have not lost a game she has attended.  Maybe she is the one who needs season tickets...

It was another fun night with the sis!

Go Jazz!

Visit with Grandpa Ferg

On Saturday we headed up to SLC to visit Andy's Grandpa Ferguson.

It's been since Christmas that we last saw him, so it was definitely time to make the trip.

We wanted to take him to lunch, so we picked him up and headed to Five Guys.

Grandpa seemed to like the idea of having peanuts there before you food arrived.

Grandpa also seemed to really enjoy the food.

It was a little noisy there, so conversation wasn't the best, but we were glad to get him out of the house.

After lunch we headed back to his house to visit.  Lincoln just loves to play with Grandpa's dominoes, and we enjoyed watching him play and interact with Grandpa.

Finally, after some hugs, it was time to head home.

It was a really good visit with Grandpa Ferg and we will be sure to do it more often in the coming months.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

We Say Our Goodbyes to Grandpa Bird

On Saturday morning we headed up to Grandpa Bird's funeral.

The boys look good for the occasion.

There was a small viewing prior to the funeral service, along with the family prayer.

The service was a very nice one.  We had great speakers who spoke of their memories and of the person Roy was.  I know I enjoyed the talks and the stories.

Then it was time to move grandpa out to be transported down to Springville.

After the service we gathered for a luncheon at the church before the rest of us headed to Springville.

Grandpa was being laid to rest at Evergreen Cemetery in Springville.

When we arrived he was there with his military escort present.

Then it was time for the graveside service and dedication of the grave.

This was my first military funeral, and it was so inspiring.

After the graveside service, we all gathered down at Jon's house for an "ice cream social" and some together time.

It was good to be able to relax after such a trying day.

Time like these are hard on us, but we are lucky to have lots of family around to help us through.

We will miss you Grandpa.

Grandpa Bird's Viewings

Last week we Andy's Grandpa Bird passed away.
We knew it was coming, but it is still so hard to lose someone you love.

On Friday we attended a couple of viewings.
The first viewing was just for the family and took place in the afternoon.

Luckily Lincoln and Glenn had each other to keep them busy.
They spent a good amount of time together doing activities.

The second viewing was in the evening and was open to the public.
Some of the cousins did a great job setting up a few displays of things that represented Grandpa.

Andy's cousin Bryan also put together a lovely slide show of pictures.  It was so nice to gather with everyone and watch those memories go by on the screen.

At the end of the evening we gathered everyone there for a group photo.
It's hard to get all of these people together in one place, so we definitely needed a photo.