Friday, March 31, 2017

We Say Goodbye to Uncle Vernon

In the early morning of March 19th, my uncle, Vernon Harrington passed away.
It seemed slightly surreal that he passed away only 8 months after my mom, his sister passed away.

Of course my sisters and I attended the funeral.  Also, Andy agreed to be a pallbearer.

I did not take any pictures prior to the graveside service, but the actual funeral service was mainly made up of talk by my uncle Richard.

The day was EXTREMELY rainy and it was kind of cold and miserable at the cemetery.

Jessi and Lara trying to stay dry:

Lincoln just wanted to stand in the rain.  He didn't care (at the time) that he was getting wet and cold.

Since my uncle Vernon was an American Fork policeman for a while and then worked for the Sheriff's department they had the AF police department present the flag to my aunt Bonnie.
It was so great to see.

Unfortunately Andy spent most of the graveside service chasing Lincoln in the rain.

Uncle Vernon was laid to rest in the American Fork Cemetery.

We then gathered at their church building for a little luncheon put on by the Relief Society.
It was nice to be somewhere warm and dry and have some good food and spend time with some family.

It is so sad that these have been the family gatherings we have had lately.  Hopefully we can do something a little more fun in the near future.

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