Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Pumpkin Nights 2017

Last Friday night we headed up to the Utah State Fair Grounds for Pumpkin Nights.
This was a new attraction that was here in Utah for the first time.

When I saw advertisements for it, I just knew it was the thing for me.  All those carved pumpkins!

Of course the night we had tickets for turned out to be the coldest one of the past two weeks, but we still powered through!  

They were handing out glow-stick necklaces to everyone that night, and since Lincoln was so cute he got two!

When I saw this entrance tunnel I was in love!  Look at all of those lit-up pumpkins!

They also had a few photo-op stops along the way.  Here is the first one near the entrance.

Pumpkin Nights was a 1/2 mile walk through different pumpkin "lands".

Here is a nifty dragon made out of carved pumpkins:

And another one outside around the pond:

Dracula's Graveyard:

Walking through a spooky and cobweb filled tunnel:

A pirate ship!

They also had bounce-houses and the like for the kids to play in.  Of course we couldn't get out of there without letting Lincoln play on the big slide for a bit.  We tried, but we didn't make it out, so he went down the slide quite a few times.

It was a great experience!  I really enjoyed it and I hope they come back next year!

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Down at Jaker's

Andy had Monday off for Columbus Day.
So while Mom was at work, Lincoln and Dad went down to Jaker's Jack-O-Lanterns.

Linkie just loves this place!
Since I wasn't there, I can't really narrate, so you'll just have to view the pictures.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Pumpkin Train!

On Saturday we headed up to Heber to take a ride on the Pumpkin Train.
The Pumpkin Train is a seasonal train ride by the Heber Valley Railroad.

Since I love Halloween things, I thought this would be something fun to do as a family.  I figured riding on a real train would be fun for Lincoln.

It was a beautiful night for the ride!  We got all settled in our seats and we were ready to go.

The train is an older one, which makes for a neat experience.  The views were great as we rode along through the countryside.

Lincoln seemed a little nervous at first.  I don't think he was comfortable with the train moving.
But once we got him a snack of some popcorn, he seemed to settle right in and become more accustomed to the surroundings.

On the train there was a fiddle-playing witch, and some singing and dancing was encouraged by all, plus everyone got a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie.

Of course Link is always making friends wherever he goes.  He just loves other kids.

After the train ride we were able to visit the "pumpkin patch" and pick out a pumpkin each.

I had a really fun time on the Pumpkin Train!  I just LOVE autumn activities!

Monday, October 9, 2017

T-Shirt Quilt is Done!

I have always wanted to make a T-shirt quilt out of mine and Andy's old shirts.
I have started on the project a couple of times myself, only to realize I don't have the skills or patience to finish it.

Then I found a lovely lady who will do it for you.
So I decided to pay up for the service just to get it done.

And it turned out great!  I absolutely love it! 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Ouch! Poor Benny.

So, on our way home from the Jazz game the other night we were in an auto accident on the freeway.

Luckily it was not our fault, but it still sucked.

No one was hurt except for Benny who got munched in the rear end.
Although we are amazed at what little damage there actually was to our car.  The other guys car looked really, really bad.
Our car rocks!

Thank goodness the guy who hit us had insurance and it should cover it all.
But it's still quite the inconvenience.