Friday, January 5, 2018

2018 Goals

Alright, let's line some things up to get done in 2018.

  • Complete a Blog Book for 2017
  • Complete a Chatbook for #tbirdpicaday2017
  • Print at least 1 more photo book
  • Lose 50+ pounds (this is my year of transformation!)
  • Save money for Christmas
  • Have my dad over for dinner at least 3 times
  • Take a picture a day under #tbirdpicaday2018
  • Finish 2 cross stitch projects
  • New flooring in living room/dining/kitchen
  • New cabinets and counters in kitchen
  • Paint living room/kitchen/dining
  • Organize music CD's into new storage
  • Go through the attic and eliminate things I don't need to keep

Well, that seems like a lot to get done.

I guess I'd better get started....

2017 Goals Revisted

Well it's that time of year again.  Time to look back at all those goals I made at the beginning of 2017.

It feels like I didn't do well, but looking down my list I did better than I thought.

  • Complete a Blog Book for 2016  --  DONE!
  • Complete a Chatbook for #tbirdpicaday2016  --  DONE!
  • Lose 40 pounds  --  EPIC FAIL.  I actually gained this year.
  • Print more photo books  --  FAIL
  • Visit at least one National Park  --  FAIL
  • Save money for Christmas  --  DONE!
  • Reorganize the shed  --  DONE!
  • Redesign the backyard  --  DONE!
  • Pay off the Chase credit card  --  FAIL
  • Visit the grandparents at least once a month  --  FAIL
  • Have my dad over for dinner at least 3 times  --  DONE!
  • Take a picture a day and post to Instagram  #tbirdpicaday2017  --  DONE!

Now it's time to come up with 2018's.....

New Year's Day Fun

On New Year's Day we all headed out to go bowling.

Lincoln had never been before, but he was excited because he had done some bowling in his "sports class".

First we had to get our shoes.  Yes, even Linkie got his own pair of bowling shoes to wear.

Then it was time for the games to begin.  We were spread out over 3 lanes.
Our lane consisted of Andy, Lincoln, Myself and Glenn.

Everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun.  (Even if we weren't very good.)

Linkie just loved watching his ball come through the ball return.

Such a strong kid!

Our first game ended with Andy as the winner on our lane!

Eventually Lincoln agreed to use the ramp to help him bowl.

Again with the ball return....

Our second game ended with Traci as the winner in our lane!  Yippee!!

After bowling we headed over to Burger Supreme for some lunch.  Lincoln was super excited to get French Fries!

And to top it off we got ice cream as well!

It was a fabulous day with the family.  It's always good to get out and do something fun.  And it's good to have Link participate in new activities.  


Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Eve!

This evening we headed over to Jon's house for Andy's birthday dinner and to celebrate New Year's Eve.

Andy chose to have fajitas with all the fixings, chips, rice and beans.
Everyone lined up to filled their plates!

Even Linkie enjoyed some of it.

The food was so good!

After eating it was game time.
We started out playing Bohnanza.  This is a card game where you "plant and harvest" different kinds of beans.  I know it sounds weird, but it's pretty fun.

Sometime it makes you think, though... 

After that game we took a break so we could sing Happy Birthday to Andy and have pie.

Andy chose Coconut Cream Pie for his birthday dessert.  Yummy!

Then it was on to the next game which was CodeNames.
This game was really fun to play with the whole group.

The littler ones played their own games off to the side, though.  It was probably better that way.
Linkie and Laynee were getting along really well.

Soon it was time for Lincoln and I to head home to bed.  Linkie is still a little to young to stay up to see the new year in.

We made sure he got to use a "poppie", though.  That way he could feel like he had celebrated New Year's slightly.

Of course if one kid does it the other have to as well...

We had a really fun time eating and playing games with everyone.
I hope Andy had a good birthday and enjoyed himself.




Playing in the Snow!

This afternoon the kids were really wanting to go out and play in the snow some more.
Not that we had much to play in.
And the only reason we have what we do is because we have a north facing house.

But the kids really wanted to go out, so we let them.

The loved throwing "snowballs", which in reality were chunks of frozen snow.
Very icy.

Of course Lincoln had to eat the snow too.  There was no stopping him.

Lincoln insisted on throwing "snowballs" at me.  A lot.

Colton also found out he could slide down these frozen tire tracks in front of our house.
He did this for quite a while until he had a big fall.  Then that was over.

The kids ended their playtime with a snowball fight among themselves.  It was mainly Lincoln and Laynee trying to get Colton.  There was a lot of running and slipping in the snow.

Finally it was time to go in and get ready to go to Jon's house.
It was time to celebrate Andy's Birthday and New Year's Eve!