Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Our Latest Addition

Well, we went and did something a bit spontaneous.
We bought a Jeep.

We welcome Lucy to the family!

I know I've been wanting a second car that we can use regularly, and the Scout just hasn't been that car.  It needs a little too much work for now.
So, when we saw this Jeep for sale down the street for a great price we jumped on it.

So exciting!

Nestle Family Fun Run 5K 2017

This past Saturday was the annual Nestle Family Fun Run 5K to start off Art City Days.
Andy and I make sure to participate in this run every year.  It's fun and we have a chance to win some good prizes.  This year Andy's mom Chris joined us too.

Linkie was so excited for the "race".
He started out running SO fast!

Linkie didn't quite make it the whole way, but he did amazing!  Dad ended up carrying him for part of the race.

Afterwards Linkie definitely enjoyed the free popcicles.

And he was awarded a medal for participating in the run!

Also, we won a prize again this year!  It was a huge one, but we were excited nonetheless because it was a gift card for Smith's.  We are looking forward to the new Smith's Marketplace to open in town sometime this month.

This is a great tradition for our little family.  We just LOVE Art City Days!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

I have carried on the family tradition of decorating the family graves for Memorial Day.
Now that Mom is no longer with us, I feel that I am definitely in charge of this.

On Sunday we all headed up to Evergreen Cemetery to decorate.

I was glad that Lincoln wanted to be involved in watering the flowers and helping me decide where to put them.

Gavin Graduates High School!!

Gavin Horrocks graduated from Uintah High School this year!

Both Jessi and I knew this was a big deal so we headed out to Vernal to attend the ceremony.

Gavin looked so happy, and we were happy to be there.

We we asked Gavin how he felt, he just kept saying "I can't believe I did it".  What a great kid!

Congrats to Gavin!  We are all so proud of you!
It was definitely worth the drive out there to be apart of this occasion!

Back to the Zoo!

This past weekend we headed back up to the zoo.  It is just so great having a membership so we can go whenever we want.

Linkie really loves it there.

This summer they have a new exhibit throughout the park called "Bugzillas".  It is a bunch of gigantic bugs throughout the zoo!  Some of them were pretty cool.

You just gotta stop at the lion drinking fountain.

Link always seems to enjoy the seals and sea lions.

And now a trip to the zoo is not complete without time spent on the playground.

After our time at the zoo we decided to get some dinner at Ruth's Diner.  It was so nice out on the patio!

We had another great day at the zoo!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Mother's Day this year was a little tough.  It was my first Mother's Day without my mom.  The week leading up to the day was the worst part.  I kept seeing and hearing all the commercials about celebrating your mother.  It was hard being without mine.  I was missing her a lot.

Andy and Lincoln helped by getting me some great presents to celebrate myself as a mother.  And we had a nice little BBQ with Andy's family.

I'm sure this day will get easier with time.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Goblin Valley!

Last Sunday Andy, Lincoln and I packed up the car and headed for an overnighter at Goblin Valley State Park.

We rented a Yurt for the night and we were excited to get away for a little mini-vacation.

Our Yurt was tucked back away from the road a little bit, which was perfect!

Even Linkie helped us unload the car.

Inside the Yurt:

After we were all unpacked, it was time to head out to hike around all the Goblins.

This Kool Kat was all ready to go!

I had never been to this park before and it was pretty amazing.  We had a blast just hiking around for the entire afternoon.  I will let the pictures tell the story (and there are a LOT of pictures).

After hiking around one of the main valleys we headed back to our Yurt for dinner.

After dinner we went back out to hike into the "baby" canyons that were around and near out Yurt.

Linkie just LOVED the "baby" canyons.

That night we all got to bed, but Andy and I were awakened around midnight by quite the thunderstorm.  It was so nice being in a Yurt for that!

The next morning dawned bright and clear.  The storm had moved on.  We decided to pack up the car and then head over for a little more hiking before we hit the road back home.

It was such a fun trip for our little family!  We will definitely have to go back there someday!