Friday, July 21, 2017

The Utah Shakespeare Festival

I was invited to join the girls of the Bird Family in a trip to Cedar City for the Shakespeare Festival.  Shakespeare plays aren't really my thing, but it sounded like a fun time so I went along.

We arrived in Cedar City on Tuesday afternoon and spend an hour or so shopping a bit along Main Street.

Then we grabbed some dinner at a delicious pizza placed called Centro.

Then it was off to the play.  First we went to watch The Greenshow.  It was a clever show and we enjoyed sitting outside and eating some tarts.

Kennedy was even chosen to tell a joke during The Greenshow.  It was WAY better than anyone else's they chose. 

Then we moved inside the theater for the play.  We were seeing "As You Like It".  I had never heard of this one, so I wasn't sure what I was getting into.

All ready for the play to start:

The play was pretty good, but REALLY long.  It was a 3 hour deal.  They definitely could've cut out some of the rambling monologues to shorten it.  But that's just my opinion.

The next morning the rest of the group went to a backstage tour.  Since I wasn't too interested in that, I went and visited my friend Rachie who lives in Cedar City for a bit.  (Sorry forgot to take a picture of us...)

Then I joined back up with the rest of the crew and we explored Cedar City just a little bit.

We went to SUU to check out the bookstore.   I saw this on the grounds and just had to take this picture.  I am TBird.

We then visited another gift shop and then it was time for some lunch before we left town.
We went to Hermies Drive In and it was really good!

It was a fun trip and a good time with the girls.

We may even do it again next year!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Spontaneous Trip to the Aquarium

On Sunday afternoon we didn't know what to do with ourselves.  We had spent the morning at the "beach" and now that Link had had his nap we were at a loss for something else fun to do.

We decided that we wold just up and go to the aquarium.

Since Linkie is big into Octonauts right now, we figured he would really enjoy the aquarium.
We were kind of right.  Once there, the kid didn't really want to slow down to look at things.

He practically ran to get to the rope bridge.  Passing a lot of animal exhibits on the way with hardly a glance.

Once in a while we could get him to stop and really look at something.  Of course that worked best if it related to an episode of Octonauts.

And the penguins are always fun!

Here is Linkie and his dad peeking through a bubble:

We didn't spend nearly as long at the aquarium as we had planned.  We still had a good time, but that kid sure knows how to tire us out!

Playing at the "Beach"

On Sunday we decided to spend the morning up at Wayne Bartholomew Park.  This park is a great little reservoir that has a nice sandy beach for family to play on.

Lincoln loved being at Bear Lake so much we just knew he would like to spend time at our town's little beach.

We had heard that Sunday mornings were the best time to go, and that was right!
When we arrived we were the only people at the beach part.  After a little while a few more families filled in, but it was never overly crowded.

Lincoln loved playing in the sand and digging for "treasures".

He also got Dad to go in the water with him and splash around.

Linkie even became bold enough to go a little deeper in the water than he had experienced before.

We had a wonderful morning together.  Link had a blast it and it was nice for us to just relax and have some family time.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

We've Gone Solar!

We waited longer than we probably should have, but we've finally done it!

We had our Solar Panels installed today!

We are so excited to start producing our own clean energy.

We went with Intermountain Wind and Solar for our panels.  There were a few bumps along the way, but that always seems to be the way it goes with us an big projects.  Now they are installed and we just have to wait for final inspection from the city and installation of the net meter.

We are doing our part!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Just Feeding the Ducks

On Sunday we took a little trip down to feed the ducks.

It's always a good time!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bear Lake -- Day 3

On our second full day at Bear Lake we actually spent a majority of the day at Minnetonka Cave.

We got there pretty early in the morning, but it was so busy that we ended up having to wait around for about an hour and a half before it was our groups turn to go.

So, we had to be creative and keep ourselves busy.

Finally, it was time to head down to the cave.

The cave was huge inside and full of awesome formations.  There were about a bazillion stairs in the thing, though!  In fact, one set of stairs was called the "Stairway to Heaven" because it was so long.

I took a ton of pictures in the cave, and a bunch actually turned out pretty well.  I will let the pictures tell the story.

We ended up losing Linkie to sleep about halfway down into the cave.  He ended up sleeping on Andy's shoulder the rest of the time in the cave.

After our cave experience, most of us headed back to La Beau's for a late lunch.  Andy took Link back to the cabin to try to finish his nap.

Then, after Link woke up a few of us decided to go into town to do some shopping in the little gift shops.  We found a few treasures.  Especially Link who got a collection of shiny rocks and a squirt gun.  He then played with those for some time back at the cabin.

That night a majority of our group went to a play at the Pickleville Playhouse.  Andy and I weren't that interested in going, so we stayed at the cabin and watched Lincoln, Laynee and Colton.  We had a fun time enjoying pizza, American Ninja Warrior on TV, and an awesome thunderstorm that rolled through.  We had a fun evening even if we just hung out at the cabin.