Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 Goals

Let's hope 2017 turns out better than 2016!

Here are my goals for the new year.  I know a bunch are repeats, but that's what usually happens.

                     Complete a Blog Book for 2016
                     Complete a Chatbook for #tbirdpicaday2016
                     Lose 40 pounds
                     Print more photo books
                     Visit at least one National Park
                     Save money for Christmas
                     Reorganize the shed
                     Redesign the backyard
                     Pay off the Chase credit card
                     Visit the grandparents at least once a month
                     Have my dad over for dinner at least 3 times

                     Take a picture a day and post to Instagram  #tbirdpicaday2017

Here's to hoping I can get through all of these this year!

2016 Goals Revisited

Well 2016 did not turn out very well.  Lots of bad things happened, especially with my Mom.
That caused a good chunk of my goals to go undone, but surprisingly not as many as I thought it would be.  I spent most of my summer months tending to my mom and Mel.  Then the end of the summer to the end of the year dealing with Mom's death and all the things that come with it.  So many things to do!  Plus, taking care of Mel now that Mom was not around.

Needless to say, some things I wanted to get done didn't happen, but there's always this year.

•             Complete a Blog Book for 2015 – DONE!
•             Lose 30 pounds - epic FAIL
•             Put together & print more photo books - FAIL
•             Visit at least one National Park - FAIL
•             Save money for Christmas – DONE!
•             Redecorate the bedroom – DONE!
•             Pay off the Line of Credit – FAIL (readjusted the payoff schedule)
•             Pay off the Chase credit card – DONE!
•             Get at least one Carbon Monoxide detector for the house – DONE!
•             Visit the grandparents at least once a month – FAIL (we haven’t visited nearly as much as we should have)
•             Reorganize Lincoln's bedroom – DONE!

•             Take a picture a day and post to Instagram  #tbirdpicaday2016 – DONE!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Andy's B-day/New Year's

Andy's birthday was pretty low-key this year.

The day of we headed up to Salt Lake to visit the grandpas that we were unable to visit over Christmas weekend.

We decided to take Grandpa Ferg to lunch while we were up there and that turned out really nice.

That evening we had our friends the Alden-Rivers over for a pizza dinner and some snacks.  Since they have a little one, they were gone by 7:30, which ended up being a good thing because Andy started feeling sick.  Since Andy wasn't feeling well we decided to head to bed before the New Year came in.  Yeah, we are old.  Our New Year's Eves aren't what they used to be.

Well, Andy ended up being sick for all of New Year's Day.  We had originally planned to have his family birthday dinner that night, but we had to postpone it.

Luckily, Andy was feeling well enough the following day to have the dinner.  We had a yummy dinner of fajitas with chips and salsa, followed up with Tres Leche cake!

Here is the birthday boy with his cake:

At this point I am just going to put it out there that I am SO glad that 2016 is over.  It has been a pretty rough year for everyone.  We have had to deal with the death of my MamaJo and everything that has come with it, the death of Jane Hinckley, not to mention the deaths of so many celebrities.  We also had a crazy bad election this year, and then we top the whole thing off with us being sick over Christmas and New Year's.  Yuck!

Let's please hope that 2017 is 100 times better than 2016!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas weekend this year was not quite what we hoped it would be.
On Christmas Eve, Lincoln was sick and we had to take him to the doctors, so that pretty much killed all of our plans for that day of visiting the grandpas and havings some friends over that evening.
We did get some cookie decorating in that afternoon, though.

Then the night of Christmas Eve was a rough one.  Lincoln and Andy were both pretty sick.  We all had a rough night, but Lincoln finally got a good hour or so of solid sleep and woke up happy for Christmas morning.

Even though we were all tired and some of us sick, Santa still came!

Lincoln was pretty excited to walk out and see what Santa had left.  Of course he went straight for the bicycle.

And had to try it out first thing.

Then it was time to see what had been put in our Christmas stockings!

We got lots of fun stuff in our stockings!

Then it was finally time to open those presents.  (Of course the majority of these pictures will be of Lincoln.  He is the most photogenic of us all.)

Lincoln was so much fun this Christmas!  Now that he is a little older he understands the whole present opening thing.  It was so cute to see him excited over what he got.  Santa did a stellar job picking things out!

 Here is Traci's loot:


And Lincoln's (plus his big car track):

Lincoln had fun playing with a few of his toys before his illness caught up with him and he didn't feel like playing anymore.

He absolutely LOVED the Hungry Hippos game that Aunt Katie sent.

The other thing we got to deal with on Christmas morning was a TON of snow!

It made for a very fitting and pretty Christmas morning.

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out at home.  We had a visit from Jon and family in the afternoon, and then we had Andy's dad Glenn over for Christmas dinner.
We had a delicious roast beef dinner that was prepared by Andy.  Even though he didn't feel well it turned out so good!

  Link was not doing well by then and so the night was kind of a bust.  Linkie actually slept through dinner.

I was also able to keep our little tradition of making a classic Christmas food item alive.
That night I made Figgy Pudding. 

It turned out delicious.  I just wish we would have felt better so we could have enjoyed it more and had people there to enjoy it with us.

I don't wish sickness in the house on Christmas on anyone!  It was kind of a downer.  But we made it through the day and there will still be great memories about that morning!


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Annual Ferguson Family Christmas Party

Last Saturday was the Annual Ferguson Family Christmas Party.
The "Springville" families were in charge of it this year, and so we went with a Game Show theme. 

At first we just had everyone mingle and chat while we waited for everyone to arrive.

Of course Aunt Marilyn was handing out dollars for kisses.  Lincoln made sure to get his!

We had a delicious dinner of ham, cheesy potatoes, salads and rolls.
Followed up with some yummy and festive desserts!

Then it was time for some games.  This was a "Game Show" party after all.

Our first game was a trivia game that included some family history and fun facts about different family members.

Then it was on to the game that I prepared call "Naughty or Nice".  It is played a lot like "Punch Out" on The Price is Right.

When the games were over we discovered that Santa had come to visit!  We all hurried down to a different room to see what he had brought.

Lincoln was a little unsure about the whole sitting on the lap thing...

But he was happy enough when we was given a present.

Although he was not very patient.  He found a small hole in the wrapping paper and kept working at it.

Finally the kids were given the go ahead to open their presents!

A helicopter!

We had a great time with the family this year.  It is always good to catch up with all of the extended family members.  Hopefully this party tradition will continue for many more years!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Jazz Game with a Friend

On Saturday night I also headed up to a Utah Jazz game with my friend Bethany.
It was a lot of fun to have a "Girl's Night" with a friend.

I hadn't yet been to one of our Jazz games with our season tickets, mainly due to babysitter issues, so this was my first game of the season and it was a blast!


Annual Family Christmas Party

This year we had our annual family Christmas party early in the month of December.

Since everyone seemed to be in flux at the time, what with Jessi's family moving at the end of the month and Mel moving sometime during the month, it seemed appropriate to do it when we knew everyone would be available.

We started with a yummy lunch of sandwiches and salads.
And of course the traditional Bean Dip!

And I provided cute Christmas sugar cookies for dessert!

I think they were Lincoln's favorite part...

 We then played a game called "Secret Stocking", where everyone had to guess the items I had sealed inside a Christmas stocking.  Let's just say some people used ALL of their senses.

Then it was on to present time!  The kids were so excited to be getting presents so early!

There were great presents given out all around.  I think everyone enjoyed what they got and the kids immediately got down to playing with their new toys.

It was so fun to have the family come together once again for this annual party.  There were moments that were more melancholy when we thought about MamaJo not being there with us.  She always made these parties better.  But we will keep up the work and keep having these get togethers.

Merry Christmas month!