Friday, August 26, 2016

A Button?!?

Earlier this week we got a text from Chris that Lincoln had put a button up his nose.
What a little stinker!

Chris ended up having to take him to the doctor's office to have it removed.  Luckily, they were able to get it out with too much effort.
And Link didn't cry at all while they did it.

Here is the infamous button:

The joys of having children!

Sunday In The Park 2016

This past Sunday was the annual Sunday in the Park car show at Rotary Park up Hobble Creek Canyon.

Andy and I have gone to this the past couple of years and really enjoy seeing all the cool cars.

This year Andy's dad Glenn went with us again and we had a good time.

Lincoln liked running around and looking at all the shiny cars. 

What a cute little thing:

What an odd looking thing:

We also ran into Andy's cousin Gene and his son James.  James has been promised this old Ford truck that his dad bought if he can keep good grades through high school.  So, James wanted to enter the truck into the show.  It was fun to see someone we know have an entry there.

We didn't stay too long since it was a bit warm and Linkie was tired.  But we had a good time while we were there!

Antiques Roadshow

A couple of Saturday's ago Andy and I were able to attend Antiques Roadshow!

I had put in for tickets back in March, and my name was not drawn, so we didn't think we were going.  But then I discovered a Facebook friend who had gotten two sets of tickets and she offered me a pair.  Score!  We were so grateful.

We were allowed to take two items per person, so Andy and I packed up our four items and headed out.

We were afraid the lines were going to be super crazy long, but they turned out to not be too bad.

Here is Andy in the "Jewelry" line.

The items we took were:

A cameo brooch that was Andy's grandma Ferguson's.  They had received it direct from a friend who went to Italy back in the 1940s.  We found that it was a mass produced one and was worth about $75.00.

We also took this water pitcher that belong originally to my great-grandmother.  I was told it was part of her wedding dishes.

We found out that it was just molded glass, not cut glass, so it was not worth much.  Even with it being over 100 years old it was still only worth about $20.00.

The we had this piece of Indian jewelry that I was very curious about.  It was given to me by my mom.

We learned that it was real silver, inside was turquoise and coral, and it was probably a bolo-tie slide.  Since there were no markings or signature on it, they could not place it exactly, but said it was probably worth anywhere from $25.00 - $75.00.

The really interesting piece for the day was an old shawl that I was given by my mom.  We were told by her that it came across the plains with the pioneers.

So we found out that this shawl is really a men's shawl.  It was made in Scotland probably in the 1840s.  The thing that stumped the appraiser for a bit was the damage that the shawl has.  It has a tear straight down the middle.  Her guess is that it was probably used on the seat of a wagon or stagecoach and that it rubbed consistently on that fold causing the damage.

The shawl as is with the damage is worth maybe $150.00 - $200.00.  The crazy thing is that if it didn't have the damage it could go for "thousands".
Even though it might not be worth that much now, it is still a pretty cool thing to have!

Andy and I had a good time experiencing Antiques Roadshow!
Now we have to wait until it airs on TV.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

TestOut Lagoon Day 2016

Last Thursday was TestOut's annual Lagoon Day!
We always have so much fun during this day.
TestOut goes all out and pays for our all-day admission to the park, parking, lunch, dinner, all-you-can-eat ice cream and drinks, and of course BIG raffle prizes.

It was a beautiful day to be out in the park.

Andy and Linkie walking in:

We were excited that Lincoln was a little older this year so he could enjoy the amusement park more.


We found that Linkie couldn't go on too many rides yet, but we got in a few.
He seemed to really like riding on the train.


We also visited the Pioneer Village.

Since we had lots of time to spend just wandering around, we found some places we didn't even know were there.  Like the train building.  It was full of all kinds and sizes of model trains.

Lincoln also had a blast over at Rattlesnake Rapids.  We couldn't go on the ride with him, but we could sit and watch all the people getting wet by going under the falls.  Linkie thought this was hilarious!
He also like to play with the water cannon buttons.

While we were watching people on the ride, we spotted a few that we knew!  Andy's cousin Jeremy was there with his girls.  So of course we had to get a quick picture of us all.

Lincoln seemed to be having a good day at the park.  We spent a lot of time just walking around and checking things out.

We did discover that Lincoln could go on the "scary rides".  So of course we took him on the Terror Ride and Dracula's Castle.

He might look a little worried here, but he loved it!

And of course we rode the Carousel a couple of times.

In the evening it was dinner and prizes time.  Of course Linkie doesn't like to sit still for too long, so we started up this game of fishing drinks out of the big ice tub and bringing them to me by the coolers.  It kept him busy for a good long while.

But then it was time for the prize drawings.  We were all sitting and waiting with our fingers crossed.

And guess what?!?  I won!

I won the Bosch Mixer with all the attachements.  It was awesome!
I had never won a prize at one of these things.

Needless to say, it was a terrific day!  We all had fun and we wore Link out.  He walked practically the whole time we were there!

We can't wait for next year!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Bailey's Mission Farewell

On Sunday Bailey had his Mission Farewell.
Bailey decided to put in his papers for an LDS Mission and was called to serve in Wichita Kansas.

Because Lincoln was sleeping, he and I did not make it to the actual farewell at the church, but we were able to make it down to the luncheon afterwards.

I didn't get many pictures, but I made sure to get one a shot of Lincoln with Bailey.
Lincoln is going to be a completely different person when Bailey gets back in two years.

Good luck out there Bailey!

Bird Family Get-Together

This past Saturday we had a little Bird Family lunch at Bartholomew Park.
We had the get-together since Katie and her family were in town.
Grandpa Bird and Jane were supposed to join us, but they backed out at the last minute.  So that left us with Katie's family, Jon's family, our family, and Glenn. 

We had a yummy lunch of fried chicken, salad and chips.
Then we just let the kids run wild and play in the water.

This was Lincoln's first time to Bartholomew Park, so it was fun watching him play in the sand and water.

Surveying the landscape:

Playing with the ice:

Finally we got him in the water.  He loved it, but didn't want to go too deep.

We tried out his new floaty thing too.

And he got to ride on a surfboard.

But for the majority of the time Link just enjoyed cruising around on the beach, digging in the sand and of course throwing it.

It was a pretty fun afternoon spent with the family.  We enjoyed being there with everyone.

Mom's Funeral Service

On Wednesday July 27, 2016, we held the funeral service for Mom.

We got Linkie all dressed up for the occasion and he looked so cute!

We arrived early for the viewing that was to take place before the service, so we had time to get a few pictures in.  Pictures of family are the best.  Mom absolutely thought family was the most important thing.

We also received a few more beautiful flowers and plants that day.

And the corsages for the sisters and girls turned out beautifully. 

It was a good to be there with family.

We were pleasantly surprised by the turnout for the service.  We were planning on a smaller turnout and we made sure the service was short and sweet.  It was just how Mom would have wanted it.  She never did want a big deal made out of things.

We then moved on to the graveside service.  Mom was buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

I was so proud of all of our pallbearers.  They did a terrific job.

And Mickey gave the dedicatory prayer at the graveside.

It was a nice (but warm) day for the service.  It was nice to gather together as family there and say our final goodbyes.

After the services we were invited to our church where our Relief Society put on a luncheon for the family and friends who attended.

This is where we could really "let our hair down" and act the way Mom would have wanted.  She always said she wanted us to have a party for her.

Later that evening, since Jessi's family was still in town, we decided to do one last big tribute to Mom.
We headed down to La Casita for dinner.  Mom just LOVED that place, so I couldn't think of a better way to end the day.

After dinner we headed up to her grave again to see the flowers and check on things.  
When we arrived, there was this dragonfly that was flying around Mom's flowers and then landed on the arrangement.

Mom loved dragonflies.  So I'm not saying this had a deeper meaning, but then again....